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Chuck Wilkins started studying piano at the age of 9 and continued studies privately through elementary and high school. In his teen years he studied trumpet privately, theory, harmony, music history, and, of course, piano. He studied music at  the University of Western Ontario for two years – majoring in trumpet and piano. Returning to Campbellford in 1973 Chuck opened his piano studio while continuing private studies. Chuck was a multiple first place winner for senior piano performances in the Peterborough Kiwanis Festival, and won the coveted Cherney Rose Bowl as overall best performer of the festival.


 In addition to teaching, Chuck has been organist/choir director at the United Church in Brighton, Warkworth, and, currently, at Frankford. Besides the usual duties of choir director, Chuck has written much solo and choir music for use at church.


In the interests of broadening his musical experience and having fun, Chuck played professionally in several bands. While still in university he played tenor sax in a dance band – playing mostly “Big Band” music from the thirties and forties. Later, back in Campbellford he played keyboard with Donald (Woody) O’Ray, then with recording artist Cliff Edwards (former lead singer for “The Bells” – Fly, Little White Dove, Stay With Me Awhile) for a year. Following that Chuck played and sang in a band called “Pax” for two or three years.


The last decade has seen Chuck exploring the world of computer assisted recording, composing and arranging using software like Cubase, and Jammer Pro. With various “virtual” instruments and Yamaha synthesizers he is enjoying the vast world of electronic music production.


Over the years, Chuck has had many students continue their music studies at universities and colleges. Many are now active as music teachers or performers.


Chuck has had a life-long love affair with music in its many forms. Whether classical, jazz, rock and roll, country, or liturgical – he loves it all! Chuck endeavors to convey this delight in all forms of music during his work with students of all ages. Using knowledge, experience, gentle humour, positive reinforcement, and infinite patience he encourages students to experience the joy of music. Although it has frequently occurred, Chuck’s goal in teaching music is not to create a professional musician but to allow someone the opportunity to enjoy a lifetime of music. Some of his most satisfying moments come when he sees a student begin to create their own music, or leave his studio with the ability to confidently explore music on their own.



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